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You may find here some of my programs.

Please note: here are the updated current addresses of my web site, as of February 2005:

http://yizhar.mvps.org (Main site).

http://www.new-ofek.co.il/yizhar (Backup site. If the main site is down, try the backup).



NutShell and CoreShell

Nutshell is a simple and basic menu program that can be used to launch applications on Microsoft Windows OS,

from a Local drive / CD / USB / Mapped network drive that includes your customized set of applications and utilities.

It doesn't need a special install and no special system requirements, and uses a CSV file for the menu of applications for easy editing.

CoreShell is an ISO image that includes NutShell with several handy-dandy applications to help a system administrator manage Windows Server 2008 Core.

It includes a web browser, console and GUI file managers, and more...

CoreShell can then be used directly from ISO image on Virtual machines, or burned to CDROM, or copied to and then launched from a Local / Network / USB disk.

For more details and download, please go to:






Network UTilities Set - For network administrators.

This is a package including most of my programs for network administrators, in a single download with fast and simple installation.

Current NUTS version: Release 2.29 - April 2005.

See NUTS.TXT for more details ...

DownLoad NUTS.EXE (about 900kb)


The package includes the following utilities:

* ALO - Automatic log on to NT4/2000. view alo.gif read alo.txt

* BALM - Blocked Attachment List Manager for Outlook Express 6. balm.gif balm.txt

This utility controls attachment blocking security policy for safer email usage.

* BALMNE - Blocked Attachment List Manager - Norton Anti Virus for MS Exchange ver 2.x. view balmne.gif read balmne.txt

* GetMem - A very simple tool to assist in diagnosing virtual memory problems in Win9x/NT/2000 by simulating a memory intensive application. view getmem.gif

* KIT - Keep In Touch. PING to a list of hosts, and send email if one goes down. view kit.gif read kit.txt

* MMM - Mirror (replicate) files over the network for backing up important data. view mmm.png read mmm.txt

* MAILIT - Send email (SMTP) from a batch file.

* NetRun - Schedule actions and push installs to clients from the login script.

* NewUser - A sample VB script for Win2000 server to quickly add new users.

* Permiter - Set NTFS permissions in NT4 for specific user/group without affecting other.

* RegToADM - Create custom ADM from exported REG file (support for Windows 2003/2000/XP/NT4/9X).-  regtoadm.gif

Create your own custom ADM template files from REG files (exported from REGEDIT),

that can be modified and then used in the Group Policy editor of Active Directory (or NT4 policy editor Poledit) .

* TestFile - Test "baseline" network performance in file save operations, without the need to set up a "responder" on the other side. view testfile.gif read testfile.txt

All of the NUTS utilities (except of some scripts) are written with Delphi.

The Internet related utilities (KIT, MAILIT) are Powered By ICS from Francois PIETTE:



This is a free GUI utility to help configuring a CISCO Secure PIX Firewall.

It is designed for PIX FireWall administrators and installers.

If you don't know what CISCO PIX is, then this program is not for you.

With PIXCRIPT, a configuration script can be created for new PIX installation,

and PIXCRIPT can also be used as a reference for some of the common PIX features and their related CLI commands and syntax.

Some of the supported features are:

Java & ActiveX filters, SYSLOG, AAA,

vpdn (PPTP VPN connections), IPSec (Client-PIX and/or Site To Site VPN)

You can read PIXCRIPT.TXT, view some PIXCRIPT Screen Shots,

And download PIXCRIPT.ZIP or unzipped PIXCRIPT.EXE.

PITA - PIX Traffic Analysis:

PITA is a utility that can read syslog text files created with a pix (level 6), parse and analyse them to get information about TCP sessions,

then manipulate this info and or copy to MS Excel to generate reports.

PITA will comes with an add-on utility called PILE -

which can convert a Syslog text file (levels 3 &4) to an MS Excel table for viewing, filtering, reporting, etc...

Currently I am not working on this project so it remains in BETA status for a long time.

You can send me an email and request the beta version.

You can take a look here: pita-report.gif



This is a collection of Cisco PIX firewall related links.



A Hebrew HTML page with advises for fixing several Microsoft Office problems.

Browser with Hebrew fonts required (visual).




Build your own quiz.

Allows teachers to create activities and or exams with hot links and OLE objects.

For Hebrew Win9x, ( or Windows 2000 with Hebrew as default ).

File Size = 640 kb





For AutoCad 14 advanced users / support personal -

Create a menu (MNS) from an existing library of DWG block files on a local / network folder, to gain easy access to the "Insert Block" command.

File Size = 150 kb




Resort Start Menu - for Windows 98.

After installing this file, Windows 98 will sort the "Start" - "Programs" menu each time you start your computer.

The program uses an INF file (C:\WINDOWS\RESORT.INF) and a shortcut to it in the "Startup" menu.

Automatic uninstall from control panel is available.

File Size = 37 kb




For Windows NT 4.0 (English/other language).

Allows modifying NTFS folder permissions for individual user/group,

without affecting other permission on same and nested folders.

A useful utility for NT 4.0 server administrators.

Part of the NUTS collection



Auto Log On - For Windows NT 4.0 / Windows 2000 .

Allows automatic logon skipping the logon dialog (even with empty password).

Part of the NUTS collection



For network administrators:

Mirror files over the network, as an addition to your normal backup strategy.

Important data files can be backed up to a different PC with enough disk space.

After the initial copy , only changes are copied, with no need to copy all data again.

Deleted and modified files are protected in the Windows Recycle Bin or in a special folder,

so you can salvage them if needed in a quick way.

Part of the NUTS collection



For network administrators:

A utility to launch from login scripts that can schedule actions on client computers such as backing up system/data files, anti virus updates, or RunOnce push installations.

Part of the NUTS collection



For Windows 2000 network administrators:

This tiny VBscript allows you to quickly add new users to a Windows 2000 domain.

Much faster then "Active Directory Users and Computers".

The script can be manually edited and tuned for your needs.

Part of the NUTS collection

File Size = 3 kb



For network administrators or programmers.

Convert a REG file (exported from Regedit), to a simple custom ADM template,

that can be used in Poledit for distribution of registry settings on the network.

Part of the NUTS collection



For network administrators -

A very simple and basic performance test, that can be used on any file sharing

network for PC (NT, Netware, Win9x, and other).

The program runs on a Win9x workstation, and simply times save and read file operations.

The results are far from being scientific, but can be used as a "first impression"...

No need to set up a responder or special server program.

Part of the NUTS collection


Hebrew DOS fonts for Windows 2000/XP:

There are 2 different solutions to view Hebrew in DOS application running under Windows 2000/XP (or NT4):


1) To run the application in FULL screen, try downloading LOADHEB.COM or VGA-HEB.EXE .

(I have not written these files, but just post them here in my site).

Then, add the following 2 lines as the first lines in the BAT file that runs your DOS application:



... (Now start your DOS app).


2) To run the application in a WINDOW, try installing HEBDOS.EXE

This is a small setup file that will install a Hebrew supported console font,

and will modify SYSTEM.INI and the console fontsize setting in the registry for that purpose.


The font in this package APP862.FON is from the Hebrew Enabled version of Windows 98 (but works in Windows 2000).

It is copyrighted by Microsoft (I guess), and I hope they don't mind that I distribute it here...

I have written this small setup package to install the font and change the settings.

If you wish to see the exact changes that HEBDOS.EXE does, open it with WINZIP

and extract Hebdos.inf from it.

The font is realy not so good looking, but this is what I currently have...




A replacement for the Hebrew Windows 9x Notepad.

Allows also to convert DOS Hebrew files to Windows,

and to revert Hebrew text from WWW sites.

File Size = 210 kb




A Hebrew phone/address book for Hebrew Win9x.

File Size = 250 kb




Search for files on your computer.

For Hebrew Win9x.

File Size = 200 kb



Browse for other files...


(painted by Yael Van Kempen)


I was honored by Microsoft as an MVP for participating in online forums.

You can learn more about the Microsoft MVP program at:

www.mvps.org , http://mvp.support.microsoft.com , or in Hebrew: http://www.microsoft.com/israel/support/mvp/default.mspx

I would like to thank Karl E. Peterson and Felix Kasza - the admins of  www.mvps.org  for hosting my modest web site.


I also have some professional certifications from the following

- Novell Netware CNA 4.11,

- Microsoft MCSE (NT4) + MCSE 2003 + MCT

   - Cisco Security Specialist (CCNA + IOS Security + Cisco PIX etc...)



Contact me:

Yizhar Hurwitz

Kibbutz Gaaton, 25130


yizhar AT mail.com,


yizhar AT new-ofek.co.il

Work phone (new-ofek office) = 972-4-9585354

Currently I work for the following offices/companies:





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